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Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing has recently launched the Open Ocean 800 Luxury Expedition Catamaran. Designed by naval architects Du Toit Yacht Design and built by Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, this is the largest recreational catamaran built in Cape Town, it is the fifth catamaran to be launched in Two Oceans’ Open Ocean series.

Previous launches in the series include the Open Ocean 650 Luxury Sailing Catamaran, two Open Ocean 750 Luxury Expedition Catamarans and the Open Ocean 750 Luxury Sailing Catamaran – all custom designed and built catamarans by the Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing/Du Toit Yacht Design partnership.

This luxury custom-built power catamaran is a luxurious on-the-water home and will be heading with her crew to the Pacific. Still in production at Two Oceans Marine are a second Open Ocean 800 Expedition Catamaran, the Open Ocean 850 Expedition Catamaran, the Open Ocean 740 Performance Cruising Catamaran and the M60 Full Carbon High Performance Sailing Catamaran.

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