Guidelines on VAT refunds for yachtsmen clearing out of the Port of Cape Town

The Customs officer behind the glass window on your left as you walk in will receive and check the application. If the claim is acceptable in his opinion he will stamp the original TAX invoices, copy passport and yacht registration papers. They then staple the whole lot together and forward it to the Vat Refund office at the airport. They in turn send it to the Johannesburg office for final processing.

Note that the Customs officer may want to see the goods purchased in which case one needs to produce them, or if too large to easily bring with you, the officer may insist on seeing the goods on the yacht.

Each case is viewed on its own merit and a refund cannot be guaranteed. See guidelines on  the process to follow:

To enable us (Tax Refunds) to process an application for a VAT refund, you are requested to post/deliver the following documentation to us:

  1. The ORIGINAL tax invoices in respect of the goods purchased in South Africa, duly endorsed by customs. (date of inspection stamp to correspond with your exit from South Africa)
  2. A copy of your passport reflecting your personal details AND entry and exit stamps into and from South Africa.
  3. A copy of the yacht’s registration certificate.
  4. A postal address where we can mail the VAT refund cheque/card, in the currency of your choice, once the claim is approved by SARS.

On receipt of all the correct claim documentation, we process a VAT refund claim and forward to SARS for auditing and approval. Once the claim is approved by SARS (minimum period of 6-8 weeks) we can effect payment via:

  • Issue you with an US Dollar cheque/card and post it to an address provided.

Please note that you ONLY have three months from the date of export to submit your application for a VAT refund.

Our postal address:

PO BOX 107, OR Tambo International Airport, South Africa,1627

Physical address:

Plot 206/1 High Road, Bredell, Kempton Park, 1619


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