Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and….SEASCAPE

Flipping tjops in the deep blue just got a bit easier thanks to a locally-manufactured new braai which packs a bit more ‘wors power’ than other varieties.

That’s according to well-known supplier Koorts Liebenberg of Seascape / Formatube fame who believes his new braai – it’s so new it still needs a sexy brand name – will be a useful addition to any recreational boat. In short, it’s a more robust braai, with thicker steel tubing than most and therefore better longevity. It doesn’t buckle under the weight of a relentless South African braai habit, in other words, thanks to Stainless Steel Grade 316.

“Guys have been saying to us, please can you make a better quality braai – something we don’t have to battle with,” Liebenberg told SABBEX the day after an informal launch in Cape Town. “We’ve been looking at manufacturing one of these for quite some time. We took the basic principle and made it better and stronger. And the clients are so far over the moon,” Liebenberg said.


The price is attractive too, coming in at under R13K compared with the average R15K, according to Koorts who plans a formal launch closer to the Boatica Cape Town Boat Show.

The product is also geared for the export market where South African braai expertise is held in high regard. Koorts plans to exhibit at the Miami Boat Show, buoyed by huge interest locally where he sold around 30 units in the first week or so. Delays in sourcing product from China due to Covid-linked freight delays has also contributed to increased demand from abroad. Clients are also seeking a better-quality product compared with product from the East, where after-sales service can also be problematic.

Koorts says the new braai is a natural extension of Seascape’s stainless steel’s broad production range and ability to produce custom product. “We customise things ourselves.  In this case (the braai) we’ve ensured we make it stronger. We can also put the customers’ brand on it – print directly onto the stainless steel. One has to be competitive in the international market.”

“It is completely stainless steel and thicker than normal. And yet it’s lighter and more sturdy – everybody has been happy,” Koorts said. It is geared for both gas and charcoal.

In short, Koorts believes his new braai is to ocean braaivleis what Cheslin Kolbe is to the Springbok rugby team – a game changer.

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