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This year’s SABBEX/Boating South African annual industry awards dinner has been scheduled for May 18, and SABBEX is encouraging industry stakeholders to send in their nominations for a range of categories.

This year’s event theme is “Masters and Makers…of Magic”, aimed of honouring individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the local boatbuilding industry. “The awards seek to recognise people who are masters in their trade, as well those responsible for production on the shop floor or design office,” SABBEX said in an event brief.  The awards are open to everyone, whether they have a formal qualification or not.

This year’s award categories are as follows:

Excellence in Boat Building

Nominees for this award will have demonstrated excellence in marine manufacturing. A hands-on artisan who works to exacting international standards and seeks to improve product quality and processes. Nominees will be problem solvers with outstanding practical skills and leadership.


This award seeks to recognise a woman in the industry who is driving change and in doing so, breaking down barriers and creating new possibilities for the next generation. Nominees will be inspirational women who champion the participation of women in the boating workforce.

Rising Star

Individuals in this category will be aged 35 or under and they will demonstrate a significant impact in the company they work for. This could include procurement, design, boat building, management or any other boating discipline. The Rising Star category seeks to recognise young people who have made an impact.

Project manager/Supervisor

This award recognises project managers and supervisors who have had a positive impact on production processes. They will demonstrate tangible benefits such as improved efficiencies, streamlined processes, cost savings, improved quality and good staff morale. They will be natural leaders who see the bigger picture.

Customer Care

Individuals in this category will have demonstrated excellent customer service. Nominees will have provided outstanding service to their clients, going above and beyond the call of duty. This could include repairs, retail, brokering or any other aspect of the boating industry in South Africa.

Safety and environment

Nominees for this award will demonstrate a commitment to creating a safer working environment and reducing the environmental impact of production. Efforts at sustainability, recycling and environmental stewardship will also be considered.


This award seeks to recognise an individual in the industry who is committed to developing the skills and expertise of new and existing employees through mentorship, on the job training, leadership and guidance. Focused on continual staff improvement, this nominee will have supported junior staff and developed their boat building skills and acumen during their tenure in the industry.

Excellence in Boat design

This award recognises an individual in a drawing office who has made an outstanding contribution to the boat design process. Nominees will be people who “think out of the box” and provide design solutions and efficiencies either in a boat yard or in a design office or naval architectural firm.

Lifetime Commitment

We invite nominations for an artisan who has made boat building their life. They will have made a significant impact in the companies they have worked for, in many different facets of the business.

Nominations close 31 March 2022 and the jury will reach its decision on short listed nominees by 22 April 2022.



Anybody wishing for more clarity regarding the wards can contact SABBEX executive director Thina Qutywa on thina@sabbex.co.za or 072 460 5587.

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