New SABBEX board member Stuart McVitty calls for innovation to combat adversity

Testing times call for tailored solutions. That is the lesson of the last two years according to Veecraft chief executive and incoming SABBEX board member Stuart McVitty.

Asked to comment on the key challenges for the marine manufacturing sector, McVitty highlighted collective action as the best safeguard against unforeseen disruptions, such as the Coronavirus pandemic. “In an environment that is yo-yoing from vaccination euphoria to next wave anxiety we as an industry will need to be vigilant as the challenges that will face us tomorrow may not be clear right now,” McVitty said. “And herein lies the opportunity, because as a collective the environment is not the same for all of us; through collaboration and the sharing of experiences the innovation required that best serves our respective customer base will be inspired.”

“We have seen how the global supply chain has been critically challenged during the last 24 months and how singular events like the grounding of the Ever Given or a Cyber-attack can bring it to its knees. As an industry we should focus on supply chain value creation and the questions we should be asking ourselves is, As a collective with extensive buying power, can we do better?”

He said the onus was on the industry to find innovative ways to continue to drive value creation for customers.

At the start of the pandemic Veecraft led from the front in terms of workplace safety protocols, and is one of several leading Cape Town yards able to weather the storm of repeated lockdowns.

McVitty was one of four new SABBEX board members appointed earlier this year. The other new members will share their views on the industry in subsequent newsletter editions.

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