Seascape Marine Services says it is gearing for a shakeup of the local outboard market with the introduction of the new COX CX0300 – the first dedicated 300hp diesel outboard. The company confirmed a distribution agreement with UK-based Cox Powertrain last month, and says there is “huge potential” not just in the South African market but right across Africa: “With the engine being rated for commercial applications the main markets are the Marine Tourism, Military, Patrol, Commercial Fishing, Passenger, Research and the Oil & Gas industries where durability and reliability are paramount,” the company said in response to SABBEX queries. “As the distributor of the COX CXO300 for South Africa and the African continent we bring the first dedicated 300hp diesel outboard to the market along with complete aftersales support. There are other diesel outboards on the market, but none with the power output of the Cox CXO300.”

“We are in the process of contacting all boat builders and operators in the segments to make them aware of the product not only from a new project perspective, but also where there are opportunities for re-powering of existing vessels with petrol outboards. Due to the versatility of the outboard, especially where a quick turnaround is required, there are even opportunities for the COX CXO300 to be considered instead of inboard engines and stern gear. Where a single fuel policy is in place and safety is of utmost importance the COX CXO300 will be the perfect solution,” the company said.

In a statement released last month Cox Powertrain welcomed the distribution agreement: “As a specialist importer of marine propulsion systems since 1983, Seascape Marine has earned an excellent reputation as a high-quality supplier of diesel engines & related equipment in the African territories,” the company said. “Through its sales and after sales support, it has the expertise and experience to fulfil the demand for an engine such as the CXO300 in the African region.”

Seascape’s General Manager Jamie de Jong said: “We have already received a huge level of interest in the CXO300 from customers who have been waiting a very long time for a high-performance diesel such as the CXO300 in this region. We believe the CXO300 will complement our existing product offering and put Seascape Marine in a strong position to lead the diesel outboard market in this region.”

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