Yet another round of disappointing Cape Town Port stats has doused the recent flame of optimism regarding Port of Cape Town’s operational environment.

Average ship working hours and vessel turnaround times for the month of April suggest recovery may take a while longer than expected, no matter the regular public-private meetings, workshops, and think-tanks aimed at moving things forward.

April saw an average 25 actual ship working hours against a target of 30, and average vessel turnaround time of 8.9 days against a target of 4 days

“The WCG has been repeatedly raising our concerns with national government and stakeholders across the logistics sector about the inefficiencies in the operations at the Port of Cape Town,” Winde, Premier of the Western Cape, said in a statement. “While we welcome the longer-term discussions about bringing in private sector role players, right now Transnet should be bringing in the top team to support port operations,” Winde said.

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