Voyage Yachts have detailed the timeline around their latest model, the Voyage 510, which made its first appearance (in scaled-down model form) at the Annapolis Boat Show.

Yard operations manager Kay Oldenburg says the Company is busy tooling up for the first build, which will start in around April next year with a first launch expected in mid 2025.

Oldenburg believes the 510 plugs a gap in the market for slightly smaller cruising catamarans, both in the charter and private owner market segments.  The more compact 510 format means you can keep things more intimate on a summer charter mission and not have to fill up cabins with those who may not be nearest or dearest. The smaller model is also more manageable for couples wishing to go it alone.

“We’re really gearing up with the new product,” Oldenburg told SABBEX during a lunch-break at the busy Paarden Island yard which has tasted significant success with the Voyage 590 – winner of the Cruising World’s 2022 Best Charter Boat award. “This is our new baby. We introduced the project at Annapolis,” Oldenburg said.

Not only is the Voyage 510 a completely in-house design, it could ride on the success of the 590 which is setting new yard milestones – the tenth hull was launched recently. Oldenburg said the market is clearly ripe for smaller models, a worldwide trend. “Everybody wants to go into this size build. I think we found the right nerve for a lot of people – there’s a lot of interest.”

The Company has already confirmed two production slots, with others likely to flow following the good showing in Annapolis.

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