Visa irritations, skills deficits, and Port frustrations were just some of the key boat builder concerns raised at a recent roundtable discussion involving industry stakeholders, BlueCape, and the City of Cape Town.   Views were exchanged in what was described as a constructive engagement aimed at charting a way forward to resolve ongoing frustrations, particularly regarding government bureaucracy.

A key concern involves the current visa regimen which precludes visiting cruisers from obtaining longer-stay visas needed to effect boat repairs. It is a recurring issue and constant headache for many visitors.

The discussion also centered on the need for more skills training to underpin industry growth. And as usual concerns were raised about ongoing congestion and delays at the Port of Cape Town, specifically in relation to access to water for launching.

In his address the City’s Head of Economic Development James Vos undertook to champion the City’s efforts to assist the sector wherever possible. “We are going to make a strong case for addressing these concerns,” said Vos. “We want you (boat builders) to do deals, to make money, to employ, and to take the ocean economy of Cape Town to its greatest heights. It’s important to me that we look at the wider context of the ocean economy and the various other industries it connects to as well as the numerous concerns it touches on,” Vos said

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