AGOA under discussion as Western Cape trade and investment delegation visits US

A trade and investment delegation led by Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has held discussions with US lawmakers regarding fears of South Africa losing its preferential trade access to the lucrative US market.

South Africa enjoys tariff reductions in terms of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, which is set to be renewed in 2025. However some US lawmakers are urging the White House to revisit its trade ties with South Africa in light of South Africa’s perceived close relationship with Russia – evidenced by the recent visit of a cargo ship that may or may not have loaded weapons. The South African government has launched an official investigation into the cargo ship affair.

Winde says AGOA is vitally important to the Western Cape economy: “AGOA is very important to us,” he said in a Western Cape media statement regarding the US visit. “It is a critical statute that has benefited our province, our country, and region for over a decade. We are fully aware that there are concerns over whether the US Government will retain and renew our membership come 2025. We are demonstrating through a series of meetings in Washington DC that our delegation has held so far that as a province we value the benefits AGOA has brought to our region and country,” Winde said.

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