Nothing quite as annoying as a leaky dry dock. Fortunately TNPA has plugged a major hole in its service delivery with the reopening of the Robinson Dry Dock at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

The facility is unique in being both a tourist attraction – situated in the heart of a tourist precinct – and a vital component in the local ship repair sector. It has however been in bad of repair for years, and closed in June last year to allow TNPA to effect an upgrade.

The good news is that the facility reopened in early April and was immediately back in action.  The 161m facility, the world’s only operating cobblestone dry dock, is also considered central to Cape Town’s hopes of bolstering the blue economy and establishing itself as a superyacht repair and maintenance hub.

“Looking to the future we do believe that the facility itself can play a role in the repair and refurb for the superyacht business,” commented Andre Blaine, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront’s executive head of Marine and Industrial. “Through collaboration with our partners and stakeholders we believe that such facilities can unlock business opportunities in the superyacht business, create jobs and boost the economy and place Cape Town firmly on the map as a destination for superyachts in the Southern Hemisphere.”

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