Kirsten Neuschäfer (South Africa, Cape George 36, Race No. 53 “Minnehaha”) and friends are racing from Gijón to Les Sables d’Olonne in the GGR2022 SITraN Challenge.
Picture Credit: Paco Hispán Miranda

With just over 1000 NM left to go in the Golden Globe Race, South African sailor Kirsten Neuschafer is fighting for the lead. As of Monday April 17 Kirsten still holds the overall lead, albeit a slender one, but she is being pushed to the max by Abhilash Tomy. The contest is likely to be decided only in the last few days – or hours – based on current trajectories.

Kirsten, the only woman in the Race, would make history if she merely finishes, as the first woman to do so. However, she is clearly aiming for more than that and may well lift the trophy, wind permitting, which would be a major coup for South African sailing.  Follow the Race live on Golden Globe Race – Live Tracker

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