Spare a thought for inland boating enthusiasts, particularly on the Vaal Dam which is currently 107% full (February 13) and still climbing. Continuing above average summer rainfall has seen flooding across much of the country, prompting yet another State of Disaster declaration from National Government.

Boating clubs on the Vaal must be wondering if things will ever get back to normal. Last year the level reached 110%, and everybody is now waiting to see if this year will be higher.  “Our Marina can handle the ingress of water up to 107.5% but after that, the water floods the yard,” Kathy Manten told SABBEX a year ago.

On the plus side the floodwaters should at least flush out some of the harmful blue-green algal blooms and water hyacinth which have made their presence felt at various dams over the summer due to increased nutrient inflow.

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