Adding value to the Leisure Boating Industry

The leisure boating industry is dominated by the use of Advanced Materials. Examples of these are composites, resins, polymers and GRP (fiberglass). The industry also uses a selection of metals, particularly aluminium and various steels.

One Eighty was founded 17 years ago by well-known metallurgist Dr Janet Cotton. Not only do Janet and her team have vast metallurgy experience, they also have over 35 years of experience working with Advanced Materials.

One Eighty is ISO 17025 accredited by SANAS and Bureau Veritas approved, and in fact has the most scoped laboratory for accredited tests in Africa.

As materials scientists and metallurgists, One Eighty adds significant value to the boatbuilding industry. The biggest value adds could be summarised as quality control, supplier evaluation and compliance. This includes:

Materials testing

One Eighty has a wide range of tests that can benefit the boat building industry. Some examples are:

  • Tensile testing (sail testing, rope analysis and steel wire testing, netting testing)
  • Elongation testing
  • Bend testing
  • Paint application testing
  • Delamination testing
  • Corrosion/exposure testing
  • Finite elemental analysis

Besides carrying out the testing, One Eighty carries out an in-depth analysis of the testing – and then provides recommendations.

Materials selection consulting

Before embarking on the costly project of building a boat, One Eighty looks at the materials that are planned to be used and carry our various tests to ascertain which is the best material to use in that particular build. For example, One Eighty would analyse different options for glass or resin to determine which is the best one to use in the building of a particular vessel.

Quality control procedures

One Eighty consults to many firms globally on their quality control procedures, particularly with regards to raw materials used.

Weld procedure qualification

One Eighty Technology Partner offers a dynamic and bespoke Weld Verification Value Proposition, including on-site testing which includes tests for duplex welding, Ferrite count, and a full range of corrosion tests. The services that fall under One Eighty’s ISO 17025 Accreditation include mechanical testing, NDT data and trouble shooting. One Eighty insist on in-depth and intelligent results that protects business. Weld procedure qualification is critical in protection a business against any potential future breakages or failures.

Capital projects consulting

One Eighty’s Capital Projects Management Division works with organisations looking to mitigate risk on capital projects. It is worth reading Dr Janet Cotton’s article, “Why one needs a materials engineer on a capital project

Root cause failure investigation and expert witness services

As an accredited firm of professional engineers for over 17 years, One Eighty frequently consults as an expert witness in a variety of areas including failure investigations and a wide range of technical problems from production issues to product faults. Dr Janet Cotton has many years’ experience on root cause failure investigation and as an expert witness. Recently, she gave a presentation to the South African Institute of Maritime Engineers and Naval Architects on a very interesting root cause failure investigation One Eighty carried out on a commercial vessel’s engine valve failure.

Read some interesting failure investigation case studies here

To find out more about how One Eighty can assist your business, contact Dr Janet Cotton on or at 27 21 447 5258/4643

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