Two civil society organisations have launched a new court application to have the findings of the Arms Procurement Commission set aside due to alleged shortcomings. Corruption Watch (CW) and the Right2Know (R2K) Campaign on Monday lodged an application in the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division, Pretoria, for a review of the so-called Seriti Commission, claiming the Commission’s final report failed to properly address allegations of corruption. “This follows a relentless struggle by civil society for accountability in a scandal that was one of the most far-reaching in a democratic South Africa,” the organisations said in a joint press release. “The Seriti Commission’s findings cannot be allowed to stand. This review seeks to ensure that a great crime against the people of South Africa will not be whitewashed.”

“Challenging the arms deal cover-up is particularly relevant given the struggles today against state capture, in an environment in which investigations of irregular procurement and large-scale contracts are increasingly hampered and suppressed,” the organisations said.  “Those who are implicated continue to act with impunity and in most cases remain in their positions without consequences.”

The move follows a similar move three months ago by arms deal activist Terry Crawford-Browne.

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