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The Balance 526 is the first such model produced by U.S.-based Phillip Berman’s Balance Catamaran brand and manufactured by Nexus Yachts in St. Francis Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Berman owns the international yacht brokerage firm, called The Multihull Company, with offices and brokers throughout the world.  Berman designed the yacht in partnership with naval architect Anton Du Toit.

Du Toit and Berman have designed a unique cantilevered piloting station they call the Versa Helm – the first of its kind in the world.  In warm and inviting weather, the helm is set above the cockpit in open air. As the weather turns foul, the helm is dropped onto the floor of the cockpit where the helmsman can pilot the boat looking through the salon windows in total comfort away from the elements.

Nexus Yachts formed a partnership with Berman to build the Balance branded cats because they recognized that marketing, distribution, sales and service for an international product requires an on the ground sales force to compete. “Berman – with his extensive knowledge of the international yacht market for catamarans has a deep appreciation for how the market is moving at any given time as well as an established sales and service force to bring real results,” says Roger Paarman, Nexus Yachts.

“Berman was a particularly good fit for us because we shared his passion for excellence, ethics in business, and a commitment to training and growing a diverse South African work force,” says Jonathan Paarman, Nexus Yachts.

“Creating jobs, products to export, bringing training and growth to South Africans is essential to our mission to create the world’s best catamaran yachts. It is a win-win for Balance Catamarans, Nexus Yachts, our customers, our workers and suppliers,” added Berman.

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